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Edible, Medicinal, Restorative Landscape Design

Planning your design can be overwhelming at times with so many methods to consider. With our accumulated knowledge and hands on experience over the past six years, we can help you execute a sustainable landscape that works in your favor, saves you time, water resources, and provides both beauty and nourishment for the surrounding eco system.

We work with small and large scale permaculture farms and nurseries in the Pacific Northwest to supply you with the best options for planting. And we have references for honorable contractors in your area for the install and maintenance. 

Our designs will charm your neighborhood, and contribute something truly special that brings you both peace and satisfaction knowing you did it in a way that coincides with preserving nature.


  • Medicinal Edible Food Scaping​

  • Permaculture 

  • Food forest

  • Native

  • Medicinal

  • Meadow

  • Wooden planter construction

  • Vegetable gardens

  • Mushroom crops

  • Companion planting

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