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We are a small, woman owned business rooted in the Pacific Northwest, and serve as a unique retail and educational platform. We offer both ethically wild harvested and organically cultivated ready-to-use botanical extracts, powders, loose leaf tea, locally harvested sea salt, and gardening supplies to help our customers begin their own medicinal & edible foodscape at home.

Body Botany was founded in 2023 by Brynn Ashlee Booth, after dedicating over 
18 years of her professional career, working with and studying native and exotic medicinal plant and mushroom species to find natural solutions to modern day health concerns. Brynn has assisted over 20,000 clients across the U.S, Europe, South America, Singapore, and the Cayman Islands connect with functional herbs using her background in TCM, ayurveda, nutrition, and western herbal medicine. 




Gardens are composed of different parts that all function as a whole. If the soil pH is out of sync or beneficial bacteria are low, we see imbalances start to take root. If the garden does not contain enough nutrients, plants are unable to reach their full potential. It is the same with the body. Gardeners know that keeping the components of the garden in balance supports the whole system. Sometimes things must be added; sometimes things must be pruned away, especially when considering the natural cycles of nature. But always, the whole garden is considered.


Body Botany's question to you is, what things do you want to encourage to take root? What things need to be curtailed? This is your garden, you get to decide what you want to grow. By adding adaptogenic, prebiotic, nutritional foods from our botanical kitchen, you are proactively tending to your own inner garden and natural human biology. Body Botany does not believe our bodies wish to be anthropomorphized into machines anymore. We are living organisms that need light, fresh water, nutrients, protection from stress, and a healthy microbiome.


All of our herbal extracts and powders have been third party tested extensively to ensure their quality, viability, and that they are free of contaminants and GMO's. Our sources have been vetted over the years of production, and our herbs are both regionally appropriate, and harvested during appropriate times of the year for premium effectiveness.​ We are very proud to provide our communities with products that work.

Reselling seed and live plants in our garden portion of the business has been such a powerful satisfying endeavor for us. We are continuously grateful to work with local farmers here in Washington State that use organic growing practices. 



Our company celebrates how plants shape our kitchens, the way we heal, gardens, landscapes, ecosystems, and culture. 

Body Botany's mission is to enhance our customers life satisfaction with plants. We want reaching for a jar of medicinal mushroom extract to become second nature, and cancel out the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals. We also want to help our customers begin their own journey planting native, medicinal, and edible plant species for harvest for a sense of self sufficiency and gratification.  And that is why we are a herbal wellness & garden retailer.

Neighborhoods with more biodiversity create a higher satisfaction rate of living, and foster a sense of wellbeing. This is because natural environments provide more stimulation for the senses and reduce stress. Nature is amazing, and we can "plant the change" we want to see in the world.

Body Botany is proud to promote the National Wildlife Federation, The Wild Farm Alliance, and any other educational organization that matches our ideals, and are in alignment with restorative efforts and collaborations within our community. 



I was fortunate to grow up with a father that took our family adventuring and camping. As an infant I was tent camping on beaches, and camping across the Canadian and Washington State wilderness. My world was shaped by outdoor experiences. I believe these experiences combined with my aptitude for connecting with plants, allowed me to have an innate understanding of wild medicine beginning at the age of four. 

As my journey unfolded, my interest in nutrition and natural healing blossomed into a full time career selling naturopathic medicine, opening an organic restaurant, and a yoga studio. Now I am bridging my passion for gardening, cooking, health, and nature, to bring my community tools for robust health, and give back to nature.

"I believe that nature is the cornerstone of our inner peace, visually, physically, emotionally, & mentally. That is why I create products, services, resources, and opportunities to connect our customers to natural alternatives for their health, and to the eco-restoration gardening movement we are building as a collective."

- Brynn Ashlee Booth

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