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This rhodiola rosea has been organically cultivated for us by a small collective of farmers in Alaska. Alaska has the perfect environment to grow this adaptogenic herb that normally thrives in the arctic tundras of Tibet and Iceland. Rhodiola is part of the stonecrop family, which we have plenty of here in the PNW. 


This is ground dried rhodiola perfect for tea or tincture making at home. 


Rhodiola rosea is one of the premier herbs for increasing oxygen saturation in the body. It is incredibly useful for anyone wanting to increase their athletic performance, focus, meditation, or overall energy. Rhodiola may have more benefits than ginseng. It is suggested that vikings benefited from this herb as well. 


Rhodiola has been used as a remedy for altitude sickness due to its oxygenating affects and adaptive qualities. 


4 oz coarse ground


  • 1/2 tsp daily 

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